Bio: I am The Pelvic Floor Conditioning Expert: 6 weeks to Confidence, Continence & Sexual Satisfaction. I have saved women from surgery for uterine prolapse, reversed incontinence & bought 'Sexy' back into the bedroom! It is my mission to Create a 'Movement towards Empowerment' ensuring the longevity our femininity by keeping our womanhood intact with my Pelvic Floor Secrets @ 1 Harley Street. Pelvic Floor Secrets is the answer to the success of pelvic health: a book, clinic, workshop series and motivational speaking appearances with a software program and course to follow. It really is a revolution in exercise. My first book 'Can a vagina really buy a Mercedes?' self-published in 1995 was featured on ITV's This Morning and continues to tranforms the lives of those who read it. I am a mother, have been crowned Britain's Fittest Woman and still hold the record in the event, and have run both the New York and London marathons. Understanding and managing the most precious part of our body is the true beginning of empowerment. 'Be Ready, Be Educated.'

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