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Every Organ has its place and plays its part in support of another.

Every Organ has its place and plays its part in support of another.

Our uterus is just about the most precious organ in our body as far as our sexuality, personality and confidence goes. If we truly understood its role in everything we are and do, we would not allow ANY doctor to talk us into having a hysterectomy UNLESS our life depended on it. And I mean life or death, not painfree periods and even fibroids. The uterus is not only responsible for hormone regulation, it is also the buffer between the bladder and the bowel, holding both in their anatomical position and supporting the uppermost part of our vagina which is attached to the cervix. Our vagina goes somewhere and attaches to something, so when a hysterectomy is performed and the cervix removed, the chances of prolapses are significantly increased. If the upper part of the vagina collapses it is attached to the sacrospinous ligament that already has the job of holding up the pelvic floor and stabilising the sacroiliac joints = more pressure on a ligamentous system that you do not want to overstretch, such that its strength is compromised. Also the bowel drops forward onto the bladder which can increase pressure within the bladder, as the bowel fills, whcih can cause incontinence and/or either of these organs to prolapse.

If you were given this wonderful article from the HERS Foundation, before you made your choice, I believe you would find out what diet and lifestyle (and they do exist. Holistic Health = Whole Approach) could be made that would not have such long-term detrimental effects on your sense of well-being. 12 minutes of powerful info.

Your Body IS Your Business! Strife for prosperity within yourself always.

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