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"A loaded pelvic floor is a vulnerable pelvic floor"

“A loaded pelvic floor is a vulnerable pelvic floor”

Prioritising the pelvic floor for a better pregnancy should be a major consideration for every midwife and/or healthcare professional looking after mums to be, since the baby originates within the pelvic cavity, before moving above it as the uterus grows. It really should be given priority consideration and scrutiny to effectively manage the adverse load placed on both the pelvic floor muscles and the sacroiliac joint, with a view to protecting against Perineal Trauma, Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) and Pelvic Floor dysfunction.

The sacroiliac joint is responsible for stability of the pelvis and the pelvic floor muscles assist in the stability of the sacroiliac joint.  Both of these structures rely heavily on ligaments and tendons to allow for that optimal stability and support.

The hormones progesterone and relaxin increase during pregnancy to allow better ‘elasticity’ of these areas in preparation for delivery. This creates laxity within the ligaments and tendons  allowing more “movement ability” which leaves the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles less stable; effecting both their integrity and strength.

As the baby increases in size and weight, the angle at the pelvis changes in relation to the angle of the lumbar spine, and these angles should adjust together respectively. However, the mother’s original posture plays a major role and the likelihood of sciatic nerve impingement and/or low back pain will vary from posture to posture, as will the laxity of ligaments.

Postural exercises to improve stability of the whole body is required since the upper & lower extremities, directly/indirectly effect their integrity. Healthy transit times for the bowel and bladder and the squat position during elimination help keep adverse pressure away from the pelvic floor and assist in delivery preparation, whilst conditioning the gluteal muscles that also support/stabilise the pelvis and hip.

Jenni Russell has specialised in sensory corrective pelvic floor health for over 16 years and continues to enlighten and empower women, especially during pregnancy where its integrity is most vulnerable. Book your consultation today for a more confident pregnancy. http://www.pelvicfloorsecrets.com