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Why a man should worry about your pelvic floor?

If you are married or in a relationship, the integrity of your spouse’s pelvic floor can have a direct impact on the happiness and longevity of the intimacy you both share and the way your relationship either develops or diminishes. Your man and your pelvic floor are interchangeable and whilst Pelvic floor health is unisex, much of the attention and dysfunction is on the female. This can directly affect the way she communicates; both verbally and intimately.

A man’s pelvis is naturally narrower than a woman’s and whilst he does not have the ‘opening’ we have which is there for childbirth, elimination and mutual pleasure, he cannot afford to ignore any changes happening within your vagina if he wants to enjoy it for years to come. The “looking for a younger woman” mentality is as much the belief that a younger vagina is tighter and will give more pleasure as it is about other factors.

Not every man has been blessed with both width and girth of his manhood, but he can make the most of what God has given him. By strengthening his pelvic floor muscles for a strong and “longer” erection; and those who have mastered their pelvic floor control can ejaculate and still maintain their erection!

No woman wants to leak constantly in secret, and no woman wants to have an ‘abyss’ instead of a wonderfully responsive vaginal canal that can drive both partners crazy, allow her to move with confidence in all her sporting and/or functional activities and never worry about smelly knickers or ‘falling skies’ also known as Prolapsed Organs. Maybe a gentle encouragement from you her lover and friend, given in love will inspire her to be more proactive about her pelvic floor health, long-term functional wellbeing and overall happiness.