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Give a man what he wants and he will be your friend for life! Give him the TV on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon so that he can watch the football and he will give you the wallet to go shopping. Give him space when he walks in from a hard day at work and he will give you his attention when you really need it.

Make him feel like the king that he is and he will make you his queen! 

What you do in the meantime is look after you! Understand your body inside out – maximise your health, take care of your pelvic floor so that you are NEVER the brunt of any man’s jokes. Make love to him with such expression. Make the experience so ‘gripping’ he will not want to even imagine another man enjoying what he is getting!

Don’t look good for a man if you are not willing to look good for yourself 1st! If you are not willing to invest in yourself, you should not expect your man to invest in you!

If optimal health and a great vision for the future is vanity I am SO GLAD I am vain!

Live well, Love Hard, Laugh Always!

Life is what YOU make it!