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ImageWhat do you value the most:

  • Is it your health or your finance?
  • Your home or the car your drive?
  • Your job or your down time?
  • Your social life or your time helping (blessing) others?

Whatever we REALLY value – we work toward. We may say we value our health, yet we work all the hours God sends. We eat fast – processed foods, drink little or no water, get to bed at midnight most nights, do little or no exercise and fill our minds with negativity – whether it be gossip, soaps that thrive on negativity and anger or bad news on the news channels. The first principle of total health is thoughts and if our heads are full of the negativity of others:

  • their opinions,
  • their experiences and
  • what they will or will not except

Then where is the room for productivity and elevation in your life?To accept the status quo – the doom and gloom fed to us every day, is to keep you in a constant state of depression. Not able to see a way forward and therefore not able to bless those around us – family and friends or receive the continuous blessings and/or opportunities which “glide” past every day!

Health is something that gets our attention when it begins to let us down. The belief and assumption that our bodies will “Just Keep Going” without any thought or regard for the food we think, what and when we eat, the quality of the water we drink, how we eliminate toxins, stress, digest etc, keeps us in ignorance and promotes pharmaceuticals and products designed to either “mask” a condition or “generically” deal with it. 

Since we are not generic, but unique, generic solutions should not be accepted as a quick fix or the solution to our “life history” summed up in ten minutes, if that in the doctors surgery! If we took all our life savings and bought a Ferrari – would we accept any old petrol and oil? Would we take it to your mate down, the road with a little garage and “little” knowledge of high performance cars. Would we trust the longevity and performance of our Ferrari to a generic service, standard tyres and cheap petrol?

Then why do we do this with our health?

Uur Health IS Our Business AND Our Choices ARE Our Destiny!

There is a lot of enjoyment to be had in a fully functional body:

  • Ability to work and retire when we are ready with GOOD HEALTH!
  • Great Posture
  • Increased Energy
  • Attraction – personal, business, opportunistic etc
  • Length of Days

Don’t wait for your health to let you down. Ensure you have a Physical Pension Plan Investment Program:



Really look forward to the 2nd half of life. After all, if we are working so hard and investing financially into our retirement, what good is it IF we DO NOT have the health to match and enjoy it?Image