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 “Your body” should be “your business.” How you look after it, is “your choice” therefore the outcome: look, health, vitality, youthfulness is “your destiny.” These are examples of a good marriage of words, put together for maximum impact, food for thought. The most powerful tool we have, is our tongue. It has the power to build up or totally destroy; a relationship, marriage, community, business, organisation, and a nation. The tongue lets loose a mountain of words, sometimes used to motivate and elevate but often used to condemn and destroy. Words married together can unite or divide. We often use words loosely without a thought for their impact. The concept behind a marriage of words is the impact they have on our everyday lives. Understanding this marriage and how we use it, may help us to have a better outcome in all areas of our life. Look at this marriage: Responsibility and accountability – like any marriage the two become one, they belong together. Intertwined like ying and yang, yet people in positions of power and authority refuse to acknowledge their union, and so too do we, especially when it come to our health! Everybody wants to be responsible, but seldom do people want to be accountable, when the outcome is not so positive.

We do not want to live in a nanny state and that is acceptable. We want to decide what and how we drink, eat, sleep, live etc. “It’s my body and I will eat what I like, smoke when I want, drink what I feel” etc, yet when sickness and dysfunction happen we put our health completely into the hands of a third party with an ‘expectation’ they can fix us and when they don’t we are ‘disappointed’ or ‘disillusioned.’ Another three words that belong together. A doctor given 10 minutes in our allotted time, is ‘expected’ to be able to analyze all the variables in our life and come up with the right solution. The truth is though, if you are not assessing you are guessing!



To create a movement towards empowerment, requires action from every corner of the globe. We talk openly about almost everything except our pelvic floor, and because no-one is talking, no-one is sharing:

  • Information for a better outcome
  • Dispelling myths about what happens to our pelvic floor after childbirth, menopause, old age etc
  • Other options besides operations that will never solve the problem in the longterm
  • There own experiences and how they resolved them
  • How they could help another

If we shared this information, there would not be such a need to feel so embarrassed. A sense of hope could replace a sense of hopelessness and a better outcome for the future for too many women who are now living in isolation at far to young an age.

It is time to embrace the ‘V’ word without being seen to be swearing. All things come through and happen through the vagina. It is time to embrace the ‘P’  & ‘F’ word also. Pelvic Floor that is. It is the foundation of the trunk, holding up / carrying the weight of all our internal organs in anatomical place – it links our inner and outer worlds and controls the lower limb system.  It is too precious not to and its debilitations too costly to a good quality of life!

Be Fifty, Fit and Fabulous! Go beyond that we a renewed confidence.

If 50 is the new 40 – then it really is too early to be written off as far as intimacy and laughter go.

If Fifty Shades of Grey is imagination, then Pelvic Floor Secrets is application!

“Be Ready, Be Educated”

Confident, Continent & Sexually Satisfied!

Now that is a marriage I am really happy to have.