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Time to embrace the ‘V’ word

As I approach my big 50 (very excited by God’s grace!) I am reflecting over the way our world has evolved and the use of vocabulary! What has made it into the Oxford dictionary – what’s acceptable as everyday colloquial language and what is not! And I have come to the conclusion now that if we are to really get to the bottom of this pelvic floor thing, that is blighting the lives of so many women, leaving them with a sense of hopelessness about a better future. I we truly want to give them an opportunity to keep their femininity intact – wombs where they belong etc, then we are going to have to embrace that ‘V’ word… V-A-G-I-N-A!

It is NOT a swear word, although you would think I said the worst word on the planet judging by the looks I get sometimes. I am NOT be CRUDE I am just using the word, man gave for the most precious part of our body. My “lady bits” too wordy, my “fanny’ too fluffy! The ‘V’ word.. my ‘V’ is an amazing set of muscles, that can either reward me or debilitate me. It is integral to good pelvic floor health, but it is seldom considered. Indeed many women find it hard to identify their pelvic floor because everyone is too embarrassed to say the ‘V’ word as a means of identification and so we sacrifice our internal “lady bits” instead. The organs that live inside and above our vagina are ours to keep. It is time to empower ourselves so that the 2nd half of our lives is just as enjoyable as the first.

When we are left with early onset menopause; hot flushes, vaginal dryness, loss of sensitivity etc, thinning hair and weight gain we may just wished we said the word Vagina in the first place. Our body is our business, so we must endeavour to understand and maintain ALL of it, rather than handing that responsibility to a third party – our doctor and/or consultant.

Pelvic Floor Secrets is nothing other than the best piece of information a woman can have. My Pelvic Floor Secrets are for sharing NOT hiding. What abut yours?



  • Run, laugh and jump (trampoline with the kids) without fear of embarrassing leaks / “Oops” moments.
  • Lift & carry without fear of prolapsed pelvic organs.
  • Enjoy your husband or partner tomorrow just as you did yesterday and today! 50 really is the new 40!

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