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“Crazy, Sexy, Cool!”

I attended the National Black Women Networt forum a couple of weeks ago and an amazing speaker Carole Pyke spoke to us about our story: that we all have one and it is not just the one we tell but also the one that people see initially that is used to judge whether we are authentic, engaging, likeable etc, all the things that help to elevate us as successful business professionals as well as individuals. Carole asked us to think of three words that describe who we are and I racked my brain, believing my new found elevation to 1 Harley Street, meant I should opt for words more ‘becoming’ of my new street address.

But I came back to the three words I have used to describe myself for years – an old TLC album title that has stuck to me like superglue: “Crazy, Sexy, Cool!”

  • Crazy can be interpreted in a number of ways, but for me it is the passion and craziness I have for my job and ability to make a significant difference to the lives of so many women which has allowed me to invest thousands into a book I KNOW is necessary, current, fills a massive void whilst educating, enlightening and empowering women everywhere. Indeed I want to create a movement towards empowerment of women everywhere: Confident, Continent & Sexually Satisfied

My husband says I am either crazy or a genius, to take something so taboo and personal and pursue the business potential WITHOUT the business plan or market research! Yet every time I say I am “The Pelvic Floor Conditioning Expert” somebody’s shoulders finally relax and at last they exhale! The horrors stories I hear from women almost on a daily basis about the “Not So Casual Exchange” of their femininity for natural childbirth is quite unbelievable. It is like handing over your whole health and wellbeing for this new experience to a third party who is made to be seen to have as little regard for YOUR pelvic floor as You! An education, rather than just an awareness is what Pelvic Floor Secrets is about, and you would have to be crazy to pursue such a project without a guaranteed return on your investment. It has to be said that if I had put together a comprehensive business plan, rather than respond to the pleas for help, I would never have followed this through and the women I have helped would have had a totally different outcome. Passion can make you do crazy things, but it also rewards the most.

  • I’m just sexy! That’s my opinion and I AM sticking to it. I am cellulite free – although it is threatening to reveal on this 50 year old body (Nov 2012 for that big day). I can run, laugh, sneeze without fear of embarrassment. I am sexually satisfied & I have a confidence that allows me to speak about the rewards and responsibility of our/my most precious gateway! I don’t look too bad for an ole girl:Image
  • I’m cool – under pressure, suffering some ridiculous “personal summers” aka hot flushes, but cool at the same time. The pressure is on, to ensure the book hits the right target audience and that audience is every woman and every man in his own right or the man that loves that woman who needs his support when her “bits” begin to let her down. The pressure is on to remain level headed and focussed when the economy is telling us to tighten our belts and reserve, not take on an office in one of the most prestigious areas and then go look for the business.  I am cool because no matter what happens, I tried. I put something together that is accessible at one end  and high-end at the same time. it is a book, a clinic and a series of workshops. I have already made a difference in women’s lives. Uterus’s that were due to be removed have remained intact. Embarrassing “Oops” moments have been eliminated – meaning La Perla is worn as it should be – minus Tenalady! and many women are enjoying increased pleasures of sex; after childbirth even more than before as well as on the other side of the menopause, with a renewed confidence.

I am Crazy, Sexy Cool. What are three words best describe you and how would you explain them?