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“Not all change is good, especially in the area of pelvic floor health where our organs may become compromised and begin to let us down. Embrace change where is it beneficial and avoid at all costs where it is not!” Jenni Russell Author, Motivational Speaker, The Pelvic Floor Conditioning Expert.


With fifty being the new forty, never before have we had such a plethora of powerful men and women, sexy, sassy and leading the way, in charge of their health, finance and future. From Barack Obama in the white house to our top daytime TV hosts, men and women of this ‘special age’ are looking younger, feeling younger and ‘acting’ younger. They have a certain swagger, a sex appeal that is not diminishing and appetite for sex that continues to increase.

But the real sexiness does not lie in what is seen, but what is rarely seen and/or even thought about. Our true measure of sexiness ‘unmasked’ is our pelvic floor. Its strength and condition can be the difference between a good night or a great night. A good experience that makes you want to go back for more or a bad one. Either way a lasting impression is left and it is this difference that is displayed daily in our confidence and the way we hold our heads, the glint in our eye, the depth of our laughter and swagger of our hips:

My Pelvic Floor, something you cannot see

Can either reward or debilitate me!

I can choose to ignore it and not value its role

Then under the knife I may just have to go

Extra protection I need when I laugh

And… ‘the feeling’ in intimacy… a memory that’s past

Or I can choose to acknowledge, condition and enjoy

“Gripping” and “lifting” and jumping for joy

A little attention, a few minutes a day and

 I can confidently…, ‘continently…’ be on my way.

Our pelvic floor really does take quite a battering after childbirth, as we approach the menopause, and even through lifestyle habits such as obesity and continuous impact exercise to name a few. But its longevity and our femininity are a consequence of how much or little attention we pay to it and NOT a mandatory part of our ageing process.

What motivated me to continue to pay attention to the vitally important gateway was purely sexual, after a friend made a comment some 20+ years ago, when his fiancé had their second baby. ‘My God Jen, now I know what they mean when they say it is like dipping your wick in a well!’ His throwaway comment and my vanity and quest to ensure that sex until God calls me home is something I can always ‘feel’ and enjoy has allowed me to remain ‘Tight’ and ‘Functional.’ I do not need to mask any ‘Oops’ moments by wearing an adult nappy. My organs that ‘sit on’ my pelvic floor have not dislodged from their home, to roam into my vaginal canal, causing pain and discomfort that would cause me to seek a solution, which from a medical standpoint equals hysterectomy or a false ‘floor’ which, by the way would still require a pelvic floor conditioning maintenance program to ensure it does not let me down five years on!

We live in a superficial world, measured not just by how we look, but also by how we feel – figuratively and literally. A vajazzle may make the outside look good, but the lasting impression is not the vajazzle but the ‘gripping’ experience that creates an orgasmic explosion. A vaginaplasty may make a ‘big hole’ smaller, but by trimming away nerve endings the sensations are lessened and this helps to keep the vagina lubricated – something that diminishes with the menopause which can make intercourse painful, unenjoyable and eventually untenable.

It does not have to be all doom and gloom. Every muscle likes exercise and as women we have the advantage of exercising not only our pelvic floors but also our vaginal canals. Plumping up the vaginal canal and increasing the strength and condition of the pelvic floor provides extra support and protection for our pelvic organs, allowing us to enjoy the trampoline with our children, or run, jump, skip, laugh without fear of an embarrassing ‘Oops’ moment and take our intimacy to some crazy insatiable heights. All of this means we have that ‘spring’ in our step that makes younger counterparts envious. We have accomplished great things by the time we reach this milestone and optimal pelvic floor health, should be one amongst our achievements. Everything starts with breath. Oxygen is nutrition for the body and our pelvic floor health is dependent on a grand oxygen supply and bloodflow. Diaphragmatic breathing is not elegant, but it is necessary. Constant tension within the abdominal wall to ensure we look good, can have long term detrimental affects on our pelvic floor. Flatter Abs is primarily about the foods we eat, the water we do or do not drink and the way our body detoxifies and eliminates waste! A distended tummy is usually a very full colon or intestine! Looking good and feeling good should always be ‘ happily married.’

{Male pelvic floor health is crucial for prostate and testicular health and the cremesteric cord, attached to the testicles is what helps to activate the pelvic floor and allows the testicles to be pulled up or lowered down. A strong male pelvic floor is able to get and keep a longer, stronger erection and produce more powerful ejaculation – something many male porn stars have been doing for years! Anal prolapse is never a position a man wants to find himself in, especially when the medical outcome is usually to remove and cut a part of the colon and then put back and staple the rest leaving most with a colostomy bag for life}.

With all the modern technology we now have and the things we can do, the places we can visit, the way our voice can be heard on a global viral scale, it is sad or even scary to think that our womanhood the foundation of our femininity is still being sacrificed in exchange for normal everyday activities and that we are accepting it as a part of our cycle of life! IT IS NOT, and it should not and does not require any special creams, medication or surgery. It just requires a reprogramming of the sensory system – the greatest software package on the planet – our brain to ensure we can remain in control at all times in all activities.

We really do not need to remain the brunt of any man’s jokes: “Women really can multitask. They can laugh, cry and pee at the same time!”

To find out more information about optimising your pelvic floor for life visit http://www.pelvlcfloorsecrets.com email info@pelvicfloorsecrets.com Tel: 020 7291 4499 Pelvic Floor Secrets 1 Harley Street London W1G 9QD.