If it’s in your Gut it’s on your Pelvic Floor


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Many times when I present seminars for healthcare professionals they are impressed with the holistic approach and programme I have developed. However, they always tell me to take the focus away from the diet and just focus on the pelvic floor. This is impossible because the proximity of the intestines and colon to the pelvic floor. Digestive health and transit (elimination) times directly “load” the connective tissue and fascia that holds the floor up. If it’s in your gut its on your pelvic floor.

The body is fed by nutrients and obviously we acquire these from our diet. If the diet is good and transit times are optimal (30 – 1hr after each meal) then the colon, which can weigh up to 2-4lbs – is a natural load the pelvic floor is not overly stressed by, since a healthy transit means it moves through quite quickly. However, most peoples diets today are pretty poor and thus there transit time maybe 1-4 days, thus the increased weight of the colon can be as much as 6-8lbs! This is over ½ stone. And this weight is sitting directly on top of the pelvic floor since the bowel is one of the organs that lives there. This extra load, places undue stress on the fascia that is not meant to be so ‘elastic’ it sags, rather than holds up.

The following vitamins and minerals play a vital role in the health of the fascia and connective tissue that support the vagina, pelvic floor muscles and reproductive organs as well as the pelvis that ‘houses’ them:

Vitamin A

Is your bladders must have vitamin. This fat-soluble vitamin improves immune function, which may help lower risk of bladder infections (cancer) and interstitial cystitis. It also aids in the healing process: repairs bladder damage, supports bladder health, decreases bladder inflammation as well as alleviates urine leaks whilst assisting in strengthening pelvic floor muscles.

Vitamin B 12

Another bladder friend is a water-soluble vitamin that is believed to improve central nervous system function (function that controls muscle activation). It helps relieve bladder pressure and may help alleviate mild bladder leaks (LBL Light Bladder Leaks as it is termed in the USA).

Vitamin C

Helps build collagen; helping to retain the elasticity of the urinary tract to prevent stress incontinence which is useful for preventing vaginal dryness (something that happens more through the menopause). May also help relieve bladder inflammation and pressure.

Vitamin D

Higher levels of Vitamin D are associated with a decreased risk of pelvic floor disorders in women. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20308841 (Conclusion from Abstract paper on the relationship between Vitamin D deficiency and pelvic floor disorders, one of many articles linking pelvic floor weakness and this vitamin).

Vitamin E

Hydrates the vaginal membranes and is also effective in the treatment of vaginal thinning (again more noticeable in menopause).


Plays a major role in the efficiency of muscle and blood vessel contractions. The ability to contract the muscles of the anal and urethra sphincters are paramount to maintaining continence and adequate contraction of pelvic floor muscles counteract intra-abdominal pressure, which is key to maintaining organ support. Calcium is also needed for the strength and integrity of the pelvic bones.


Provides immune support, which is crucial for the health of the cervix and bowel (two areas affected by cancer). It is also thought to help revive vaginal tissue (menopause, pregnancy, stress can cause deficiencies).


Allievates PMS and menstrual cramping and plays an important role in fertility; allieviating premature contractions, preeclampsia, as well as eclampsia during pregnancy. It plays a role in alleviating morning sickness, pregnancy-induced hypertension. It is given to mothers to help decrease the risk of cerebral palsy and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Combined with Vitamin D it helps in the absorption of calcium intake, improving bone density. http://bodyunburdened.com/magnesium-deficiency-and-health-benefits/

If you are unsure what foods your should be eating to optimise your pelvic floor health please send me an email info@pelvicfloorsecrets.com and I will be happy to send out a PDF for you.

Stay healthy, stay blessed.

Jenni x


Your Uterus is for Life, not just for Babies


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Every Organ has its place and plays its part in support of another.

Every Organ has its place and plays its part in support of another.

Our uterus is just about the most precious organ in our body as far as our sexuality, personality and confidence goes. If we truly understood its role in everything we are and do, we would not allow ANY doctor to talk us into having a hysterectomy UNLESS our life depended on it. And I mean life or death, not painfree periods and even fibroids. The uterus is not only responsible for hormone regulation, it is also the buffer between the bladder and the bowel, holding both in their anatomical position and supporting the uppermost part of our vagina which is attached to the cervix. Our vagina goes somewhere and attaches to something, so when a hysterectomy is performed and the cervix removed, the chances of prolapses are significantly increased. If the upper part of the vagina collapses it is attached to the sacrospinous ligament that already has the job of holding up the pelvic floor and stabilising the sacroiliac joints = more pressure on a ligamentous system that you do not want to overstretch, such that its strength is compromised. Also the bowel drops forward onto the bladder which can increase pressure within the bladder, as the bowel fills, whcih can cause incontinence and/or either of these organs to prolapse.

If you were given this wonderful article from the HERS Foundation, before you made your choice, I believe you would find out what diet and lifestyle (and they do exist. Holistic Health = Whole Approach) could be made that would not have such long-term detrimental effects on your sense of well-being. 12 minutes of powerful info.

Your Body IS Your Business! Strife for prosperity within yourself always.

Stay blessed http://www.pelvicfloorsecrets.com shaping your future from the inside out!

Prioritising Your Pelvic Floor for a Better Pregnancy


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"A loaded pelvic floor is a vulnerable pelvic floor"

“A loaded pelvic floor is a vulnerable pelvic floor”

Prioritising the pelvic floor for a better pregnancy should be a major consideration for every midwife and/or healthcare professional looking after mums to be, since the baby originates within the pelvic cavity, before moving above it as the uterus grows. It really should be given priority consideration and scrutiny to effectively manage the adverse load placed on both the pelvic floor muscles and the sacroiliac joint, with a view to protecting against Perineal Trauma, Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) and Pelvic Floor dysfunction.

The sacroiliac joint is responsible for stability of the pelvis and the pelvic floor muscles assist in the stability of the sacroiliac joint.  Both of these structures rely heavily on ligaments and tendons to allow for that optimal stability and support.

The hormones progesterone and relaxin increase during pregnancy to allow better ‘elasticity’ of these areas in preparation for delivery. This creates laxity within the ligaments and tendons  allowing more “movement ability” which leaves the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles less stable; effecting both their integrity and strength.

As the baby increases in size and weight, the angle at the pelvis changes in relation to the angle of the lumbar spine, and these angles should adjust together respectively. However, the mother’s original posture plays a major role and the likelihood of sciatic nerve impingement and/or low back pain will vary from posture to posture, as will the laxity of ligaments.

Postural exercises to improve stability of the whole body is required since the upper & lower extremities, directly/indirectly effect their integrity. Healthy transit times for the bowel and bladder and the squat position during elimination help keep adverse pressure away from the pelvic floor and assist in delivery preparation, whilst conditioning the gluteal muscles that also support/stabilise the pelvis and hip.

Jenni Russell has specialised in sensory corrective pelvic floor health for over 16 years and continues to enlighten and empower women, especially during pregnancy where its integrity is most vulnerable. Book your consultation today for a more confident pregnancy. http://www.pelvicfloorsecrets.com

Your man and your pelvic floor


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Why a man should worry about your pelvic floor?

If you are married or in a relationship, the integrity of your spouse’s pelvic floor can have a direct impact on the happiness and longevity of the intimacy you both share and the way your relationship either develops or diminishes. Your man and your pelvic floor are interchangeable and whilst Pelvic floor health is unisex, much of the attention and dysfunction is on the female. This can directly affect the way she communicates; both verbally and intimately.

A man’s pelvis is naturally narrower than a woman’s and whilst he does not have the ‘opening’ we have which is there for childbirth, elimination and mutual pleasure, he cannot afford to ignore any changes happening within your vagina if he wants to enjoy it for years to come. The “looking for a younger woman” mentality is as much the belief that a younger vagina is tighter and will give more pleasure as it is about other factors.

Not every man has been blessed with both width and girth of his manhood, but he can make the most of what God has given him. By strengthening his pelvic floor muscles for a strong and “longer” erection; and those who have mastered their pelvic floor control can ejaculate and still maintain their erection!

No woman wants to leak constantly in secret, and no woman wants to have an ‘abyss’ instead of a wonderfully responsive vaginal canal that can drive both partners crazy, allow her to move with confidence in all her sporting and/or functional activities and never worry about smelly knickers or ‘falling skies’ also known as Prolapsed Organs. Maybe a gentle encouragement from you her lover and friend, given in love will inspire her to be more proactive about her pelvic floor health, long-term functional wellbeing and overall happiness.






If I gave myself to you today what would be left to give?

My heart you’re taking slowly my mind you’re clouding in.

Inside a lust is burning it grows everyday

But lust is only temporary the feeling could then slip away.


By then along with all that lust my heart has followed through

And now it can be broken if you fail to follow too.

So as much as I want to love you as much as I care

I can only love you once I know you’ll always be there!


I am a Butt Girl Me!


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I am a Butt Girl Me!

A beautiful looking butt is more than just sexy. It is an indicator of a Functional Pelvic Floor, at the top of a wonderful pair of legs and just below a tidy tight waist! A little bit invested today can make life sexier tomorrow. Go on reward yourself … http://www.pelvicfloorsecrets.com

Give a man what he wants!


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Give a man what he wants and he will be your friend for life! Give him the TV on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon so that he can watch the football and he will give you the wallet to go shopping. Give him space when he walks in from a hard day at work and he will give you his attention when you really need it.

Make him feel like the king that he is and he will make you his queen! 

What you do in the meantime is look after you! Understand your body inside out – maximise your health, take care of your pelvic floor so that you are NEVER the brunt of any man’s jokes. Make love to him with such expression. Make the experience so ‘gripping’ he will not want to even imagine another man enjoying what he is getting!

Don’t look good for a man if you are not willing to look good for yourself 1st! If you are not willing to invest in yourself, you should not expect your man to invest in you!

If optimal health and a great vision for the future is vanity I am SO GLAD I am vain!

Live well, Love Hard, Laugh Always!

Life is what YOU make it!


What’s Does Your Body Say About You?


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My Pelvic Floor, something you cannot see, has visible signs that either Reward or Debilitate me

The shape of my thighs and especially my butt, show how well I function or how I’ve mucked up!

The contour or my lower abdominals, if distended for all to see, tell their own story about me.

My posture, my knees and even the arches of my feet, all tell tale signs of what lies beneath

Every woman wants to look great and feel sexy, she wants to be attractive to and attract the opposite sex and when she does, she wants to have the confidence to follow through and have the same sexy experience intimately!

My Pelvic Floor Secrets ensure you not only look great:

  • Great Butt
  • Flatter Abs
  • Improved / better posture (includes normalising position of knees and arch of feet)

All giving the appearance of a taller, leaner you!

They ensure you function well:

  • Dry knickers always
  • Great Sex
  • Organs protected and in-place!
  • Muscles working as they should – visible in shape of the above

Giving you the confidence and knowledge that you are in control at all times in ALL activities.

If you have a Pelvic Floor Secret that does not offer any of the above; http://www.pelvicfloorsecrets.com because, my  Pelvic Floor Secrets really can help to ‘Create a Movement towards Empowerment,” for women everywhere.

6 weeks to confidence, continence and sexual satisfaction!

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Realise your Full Female Potential!




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ImageWhat do you value the most:

  • Is it your health or your finance?
  • Your home or the car your drive?
  • Your job or your down time?
  • Your social life or your time helping (blessing) others?

Whatever we REALLY value – we work toward. We may say we value our health, yet we work all the hours God sends. We eat fast – processed foods, drink little or no water, get to bed at midnight most nights, do little or no exercise and fill our minds with negativity – whether it be gossip, soaps that thrive on negativity and anger or bad news on the news channels. The first principle of total health is thoughts and if our heads are full of the negativity of others:

  • their opinions,
  • their experiences and
  • what they will or will not except

Then where is the room for productivity and elevation in your life?To accept the status quo – the doom and gloom fed to us every day, is to keep you in a constant state of depression. Not able to see a way forward and therefore not able to bless those around us – family and friends or receive the continuous blessings and/or opportunities which “glide” past every day!

Health is something that gets our attention when it begins to let us down. The belief and assumption that our bodies will “Just Keep Going” without any thought or regard for the food we think, what and when we eat, the quality of the water we drink, how we eliminate toxins, stress, digest etc, keeps us in ignorance and promotes pharmaceuticals and products designed to either “mask” a condition or “generically” deal with it. 

Since we are not generic, but unique, generic solutions should not be accepted as a quick fix or the solution to our “life history” summed up in ten minutes, if that in the doctors surgery! If we took all our life savings and bought a Ferrari – would we accept any old petrol and oil? Would we take it to your mate down, the road with a little garage and “little” knowledge of high performance cars. Would we trust the longevity and performance of our Ferrari to a generic service, standard tyres and cheap petrol?

Then why do we do this with our health?

Uur Health IS Our Business AND Our Choices ARE Our Destiny!

There is a lot of enjoyment to be had in a fully functional body:

  • Ability to work and retire when we are ready with GOOD HEALTH!
  • Great Posture
  • Increased Energy
  • Attraction – personal, business, opportunistic etc
  • Length of Days

Don’t wait for your health to let you down. Ensure you have a Physical Pension Plan Investment Program:



Really look forward to the 2nd half of life. After all, if we are working so hard and investing financially into our retirement, what good is it IF we DO NOT have the health to match and enjoy it?Image